Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zoltan Nuridsany (1925-1974)

Zoltan Nuridsany was born on the 22nd of August, 1925, in Romania.His father was Armenian and a mother was a Hungarian.During his secondary school years in Budapest he became a pillar of the Fine Arts Circle under the direction of the graphic artist, Nandor Nagy. In 1944, as a result of his conscious preparations, he gained admission to the College of Fine Arts.

Self-Portrait, 1940s

From 1946 on, he began to exhibit his works in the exhibitions of the so-called European School. His supporters considered him as a member of new generation of the European School and as a college student of an earnest and promissing talent. In 1948 he received a grant of the Human Academy of Rome. The works made there met with success on the Bursars' Exhibition.


In Oktober of 2000, Nuridsany's works from the European School period, exhibited in Yerevan.


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