Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yuhanna al-Armani

Well-known are Icon painters of 18th Century Coptic Egypt was Ibrahim al-Nasikh and Yuhanna al-Armani ( Armenian ).42 of their icons are included in the Collection of Coptic Museum in Cairo.Ibrahim al-Nasikh and Yuhanna al-Armani Painted and decorated many Churhes between 1742-1780 ( Yuhanna al-Armani worked till to 1783 )

The Majority of Yuhanna s surviving and identified works are housed in Coptic Churches and Monasteries.Al-Muallaqa Church, Abu Sirja Church, al-Sitt Barbara, Qasriyat al-Rihan Church, Mar Mina Monastery, Church of the Virgin at Harat Zuwayla, Chruch of Abu Sayfayn, Church of the Virgin ( al-Damshiriyi) , Dayr al-Banat Church of Abu Shinuda are decorated by Yuhanna al-Armani or have a icons which are painted by him.


Coptology-- past, present, and future
studies in honour of Rodolphe Kasser by Rodolphe Kasser, Søren Giversen, Martin Krause

An Armenian Artist in Ottoman Egypt: Yuhanna al-Armani and His Coptic IconsBy Magdi Guirguis, Majdi Jirjis, Nabil Mankabadi

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