Monday, April 16, 2012

Minas ( 17th century )

Arakel of  Tabriz expresses his admiration for painter Minas, who trained in Aleppo under European Masters.In the 17th-18th centuries Aleppo was a great trade centre and numerous European painters enriched its artistic tradition.As Arakel of Tabriz mentions, returning to Persia, Minas painted in oil, watercolours, coal.Apart from that, he was distinguished for his good portraits when portrait painting was not much developed in the East. 

He was appereciated by Shah Safi, Who had seen his paintings at the residences of notable Armenians.The paintings of the houses of Khodja Safraz and Petros Velijanian, part of the frescos in the palace of Shah Abbas and Shah Safi , as well as several paintings in Amenaprkich monastery are ascribed to Minas.His paintings reveal his particular style, that was based on a combination of Armenian, Persian and European Art.

Les Arméniens Dans Le Commerce Asiatique Au Début de L'ère Moderne
 By Sushil Chaudhury, Gegham Gewonean, Kéram Kévonian

The Fire, the Star And the Cross: Minority Religions in Medieval And Early Modern Iran
 By Aptin Khanbaghi

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