Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ariel Agemian ( 1904-1963 )

Ariel ( Haroutioun , Pascal ) Agemian was born in Bursa ( Turkey ).He went to primary school in Venice, after he graduated from the Venezia, Accademia di Belle Arti ( Venice Academy of Fine Arts ) in 1926 with a Gold Medal Award from the Associazione Artistica.Agemian was a Representative of the school of academic realism and a Skillful master of composition.

Notre Dame De Narek ( Holy Mother of Narek ) , Oil Colour on Canvas, Levonian School of Rome

He has painted national themes reflecting the ancient as well as the contemporary history of the Armenian people, frequently inspired by the distinct decorative, allegorical paintings of the Italian Renaissance. Agemian was also a portraitist and a landscapist. He has painted murals with spiritual as well as secular themes.


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