Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Minas Avetisyan (1928—1975)

Minas Avetisyan, was one of the most talented of Armenian painters,he was born in 1928, in a small Armenian village called Djadjur.During his student years, and after graduating from the Leningrad Academy of Fine Arts, Avetisyan travelled widely around Armenia seeking out historical monuments. He also studied Armenian miniatures.

 Women of Armenia (1960). Oil on canvas, 26 x 33". Private collection, New York. Figure study by Minas Avetisyan, an Armenian painter working in Leningrad, showing influence of German expressionism and resembling the works of Hans Hoffman.

Between 1960 and 1975 Avetisyan has painted nearly 500 canvases, almost as many drawings, murals, and 20 large projects for more than a dozen theatrical performances. His art took place in the history of world art.

Armenia By Vrej Nersessian, 1993
Unofficial Art in the Soviet Union by Paul Sjeklocha, Igor Mead

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