Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tadeusz Baracz

Barącz ( 1849 - 1905 ) was a Polish of Armenian Descent, sculptor and medalist, author of numerous portraits, sculptures and monuments.

The Baracz family of Armenian Descent has been linked with Poland since 17th century.Other Baracz family membersHis younger brother was Roman (1856-1919) Associate Professor Surgery at the University of Lvov. Another brother, Ladislaus was director of the Grand Theatre, Stanislav was an accomplished poet and engineer Erasmus miner and collector.(*)

Tadeusz Baracz, studied art under Władysław Łuszczkiewicz held in Krakow, and later studied in Munich and Florence. He made a lot of decoration of public buildings in Lviv, and many tombs and monuments, including the famous statue of King Jan III Sobieski, the hetman Gelding. He was the author of, among others statues of Copernicus, Mickiewicz, Czackiego, Ossolinski Sniadecki and Dlugosz on building III School Street. Batory Foundation in Lviv, busts Shevchenko, Siemiradzkiego, Lenartowicz Matejko, Malczewski, Kosciuszko monument in Chicago, Mickiewicz in Karlovy Vary and Truskavets. He was also the author of two outstanding monuments of Lviv: May 3rd Constitution of the monument and a monument to Poles who died for freedom in the uprisings 1794-1831-1863.


(*) The Polish biographical dictionary by Stanley S. Sokol,Sharon F. Mrotek Kissane,Alfred L. Abramowicz

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