Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bogdan Saltanov ( 1630s?-1703 )

Bogdan Saltanov also known as Ivan Ivliuev ( Astvatzatour Sultanean ) was born and worked in New Julfa, where he gained such a high fame that he was invited to Russia by the Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich for decorate the Armoury Chmaber in the Kremlin, Moscow.In 1682 Tsar Feodor ordered Bogdan Saltanov to two half-length portraits of Tsar Aleksei.

A portrait of Feodor III of Russia, by Bogdan Saltanov, Tempera and Egg with Oil Colour on Wood, in 1685

Bogdan Saltanov lived in Moscow for more then 30 years , devoting himself to creation of secular and religious paintings, portraits, icons and engravings , he ornamented the palaces, churches, repaired the decor of some ancient and had a lot of apprentices.

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