Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dmitriy Nalbandyan (1906-1993)

Dmitriy Nalbandian was born 2 (15) in September 1906 in Tiflis (now Tbilisi).Dmitriy Nalbandyan graduated from the Georgian Academy of Arts. He worked at the Odessa film studios, as a motion picture cartoonist at the Mosfilm studios, and a cartoonist in the Krokodil. In 1931 he moved to Moscow.

Dmitriy Nalbandyan  is famous above all as a master of the front of the portrait, but also worked in the genres of landscape and still life. He created portraits of many members of the Soviet political elite including Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev ( Dmitry Nalbandian, has been commissioned privately by the Brezhnev family ), for which in artistic circles, he was called "First Brush of the Politburo.". In 1978 a group portrait of the leaders of the Armenian culture "Vernatun" was awarded the Gold Medal of Arts of the USSR.

 Crimea Conference ( The Yalta Conference ) , Oil colour on Canvas, 1945, Russian State Museum ( Picture is from Blood and splendor: the story of the worst tyrants of humanity By Daniel Myerson )

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