Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simon Hollosy (1857-1918)

Simon Hollosy was a naturalist and realist Hungarian of Armenian descent, painter.He and His Atelier Although Simon Hollosy (1857-1918) was the principal organizer of the art colony at Nagybanya. Besides him, his pupils Istvan Reti (1872-1945), Janos Thorma (1870-1938), Bela Ivanyi-Griinwald (1867-1942) and Karoly Ferenczy (1862-1917), all eminent painters painters, belonged to the founding members of the Nagybanya school of art. 

Corn Husking (1885)

 Hollosy, like most of the members, studied in Munich.Though he never visited France he later became affected with the French artistic style. While in the incipient stage of his career he selected themes from rural life and he settled into portraiture.While at Nagybanya Hollosy occupied himself with producing the first sketch to the Rakoczi March and with book illustrations.Hollosy trained a generation of eminent painters.In 1886 he opened his famous private art school in Munich which became a center for young artists from countries all over Europe.

 Made in Hungary: Hungarian Contributions to Universal Culture by Andrew Le Simon
 The good and simple life: artist colonies in Europe and America by Michael Jacobs
 Beyond impressionism: the naturalist impulse by Gabriel P. Weisberg

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