Friday, August 7, 2015

Hovhannes Alkhazian (1881-1958)

 He was born in Van and  Studied in Georgia-Tiflis, then settled down in Paris, where he established for himself a reputation as a painter. His paintings exceeds well over 200 paintings.

Harutyun Galentz (1908-1967)

Harutyun Galentz was an Armenian Painter and one of the founders of the Union of painters of Lebanon. He was born in Sivas then he migrated to Lebanon, where he began his career. In 1946 Harutyun Galentz with his family, his wife and eldest son immigrated to Soviet Armenia.

Vardges Surenyants (1860-1921)

Vardges Surenyants was a Armenian painter, printmaker, designer and art theorist.As an artist he had a vast reservoir of themes and genres and equally broad humanistic concern.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alexander Saroukhan (1898-1977)

Alexander Saroukhan was a cartoonist for newspapers in Alexandria and Cairo from 1925 to 1977.He was born in Constantinople and educated in Europe, Alexander Saroukhan was a pioneer in what today in the Middle East is an increasingly important contribution to the Arab press: the editorial cartoon.

Vahram Manavian (1880-1952)

Vahram Manavian was a Photographer and Painter  who was born in Istanbul and died in Cairo.He studied painting, first with Simon Hagopian and then at the École des Beaux-Art.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Harout Shamshinian (1856-1914)

 Harout Shamshinian  graduated from the Saint Petersburg Fine Arts Faculty. In the 1880's and 1890's he became a famous with realistic genre paintings.

Arsene Chabanian (1864-1949)

Arsene Chabanian was born in Erzurum, where he began his primary education. He went to Italy for his education and graduated from Murad Rafaelian School in Venice. After the education in Venice  he decided to follow his painting career and went to Crimea to see and meet Aivazovsky. Later on he went to France, where he became a famous painter and a student of famous French painters like Jean Paul Laurens.

Khachatur Esayan ( 1909-1977 )

Khachatur Esayan was born in Georgia and he graduated from the Art Studio in Gyumri, then continued teaching at the Yerevan Fine Arts College. Esayan became a famous with urban and landscape paintings. Many of his works are dedicated to the Armenian capital Yerevan as well as Tbilisi, Baku, Moscow, Leningrad, Tallinn and other cities of the Soviet Union.

Hovhannes Patkerahan (1695-1758)

Hovhannes Patkerahan was a Armenian painter who was painted several works for San Lazzaro degli Armeni Monastery in Venice.

Stepan Aghajanian (1863-1940)

Stepan Aghajanian (1863-1940) A famous Armenian artist Studies in Shushi. Baku, Marseilles and Paris Academy of Arts. One of the pioneers of Armenian art of the 20th century. Painted in various genre and was an excellent portraitist.

Mariam Aslamazyan ( 1907-2006 )

 Mariam Aslamazyan was a Soviet Armenian painter and a member of the USSR Union of artists ,CPSU from 1946 onwards.She was born Kars and graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts school  and Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.