Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ludwig Mactarian (1908-1955)

Ludwig Mactarian was born in New York on January 1, 1908. He was an ethnic Armenian.Ludwig Mactarian was employed on the Artist Project of the WPA. As a serviceman, he was assigned to an engineer unit as an artist-correspondent. His paintings and sculptures may be found in several federal buildings.

Painting of Monte Altuzzo Area
Painting of Monte Altuzzo from the slope in front of Paretaio Farmhouse. Painting by Sgt. Ludwig Mactarian, combat artist of the Fifth Army.

Blacks in the United States Army: Portraits Through History, Martha S. Putney
Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo, and Schmidt, 8. part,1. volume, Author: Charles Brown MacDonald,Sidney T. Mathews

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