Monday, February 11, 2013

Charles Mazoujian ( 1918-? )

Charles Mazoujian was the creator of a cartoon strip called "Lady Luck." .Also, He was a member of a Coast Artillery battery, a railroad unit known in the Army as the "Iron Horse" boys, stationed on the U. S. East Coast.
Take Cover
 Take Cover is Private Charles Mazoujian's exciting sketch of soldiers unloading from a truck convoy while being strafed by a swarm of low-flying enemy planes. Artist Mazoujian says he memorized the scenes on this page from actual maneuvers in which he and his battery participated.

Taking A Break
Taking A Break, says the artist, shows "boys just returned from a 10-mile march brooding over the fact that blistered feet caused them to break a heavy date.

"Depress!" shows a gun crew loading a 12-in. mortar and maneuvering it into firing position on a mobile railway mount. 

LIFE - 9 Feb 1942

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