Monday, February 11, 2013

Arshak Fetvadjian ( 1866-1947 )

Arshak Fetvadjian was another great painter who made the transfer to canvas of Armenian archeological objects his specialty; and among his many paintings on the subject he gave an important place to Ani. His work brought Ani and the other architectural gems of Armenia to the attention of the civilized world.

Watercolor on Paper

Following the creation of the Democratic Republic of Armenia in 1918, the members of the country's Finance Ministry commissioned Fetvadjian to draw up the new currency (to replace the Russian ruble) and stamps for the nascent state.

A bird-like animal motif, taken from an impost block on the east facade of the Tigran Honents church

London issue "Londonski": This issue started to circulate at the beginning of 1920. (Other sources state that these bank notes entered into circulation in February /March 1921.) Bank notes were created by painter Arshak Abrahmi Fetvadjian and printed by Waterlow & sons Limited in London.

Armenia the cradle of Gothic architecture, Armenian National Council of America.
Transcaucasian Banknotes, by Arutiun Airapetian,Marcelo Gryckiewicz
The Republic of Armenia, Vol. II: From Versailles to London, 1919-1920, Hovannisian, Richard G. (1982).

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