Monday, December 9, 2013

Leon Tutundjian (1905-1968)

Leon Tutundjian was an Artist, of Armenian origins, moved from Athens to Paris in 1924, where he initially frequented the Academic Rossi to then open up to Cubism. In 1926 he visited a Picasso exhibition at the Paul Rosenberg Gallery. He was struck by the artist's collages, but also by a painting with glass bead inserts.

Untitled, 1929

 Leon Tutundjian's collages reveal the Cubist heritage in the play of quadrangular and curved forms, but these geometric shapes are then overlapped with heterogeneous elements such as engravings, anatomical drawings, fragments of texts and portraits of famous personalities.


Sculpture 1900-1945: After Rodin by Penelope Curtis
Collage/collages: from cubism to new dada by Cristina Garbagna

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