Monday, April 28, 2014

Hagop Kodjoyan (1883-1959)

Hagop Kodjoyan was regarded as the greatest artist of oil painting and graphic art and remarkable illustrator who created a new style in the book arts.

The Armenian graphic art of Soviet time owed a considerable debt to Hagop Kodjoyan, was best‐known as a who did many etchings and woodcuts. He had many students and followers ( Garibyan, Brutyan, Khachvankyan, and later Aivazyan, an etcher and lithographer ) but Kodjoyan was best‐known as a book illustrator.Also he produced a large number of paintings and large panels.

On the Soviet Armenian Architecture of the Twenties by Lola K. Dolukhani︠a︡n
Armenian Art by Nonna Stepanian

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