Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jean Carzou: Garnik Zulumyan (1907–2000)

If Ivan Aivazovsky is Armenia's best-known 19th-century painter outside the country , the best-known 20th-century one is probably Garnik Zulumyan, also known as Carzou (1907–2000). He worked as a stage designer as well as a painter and engraver and his paintings do often reflect a decorative and theatrical quality.

Claiming that Picasso was no painter at all, he claimed the only truly great painters were Claude Lorrain, Watteau and DalĂ­.Carzou's response to the Armenian earthquake of 1988 was the painting Armenia: Earthquake. Hope, in which a naked woman is shown standing over ruins against a background of Armenian buildings and mountains.

Armenia with Nagorno Karabagh - Page 48, Nicholas Holding, Deirdre Holding